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Abel VISP is Abel Internet's long-standing and successful Virtual Internet Service Provider package. Abel VISP enables businesses and individuals to generate addition revenue by providing Dial up and Broadband Internet access, Domain name registration / hosting and much more.

For a competitive annual fee Abel VISPs can:

  • Offer under their own Domain to an unlimited number of end-users full 0845 Internet access, email facilities, 50MB of Web space, a customisable e-commerce package and many more value added services.

  • Resell discounted Broadband ADSL / SDSL and unmetered Internet access.

  • Generate income from 0845 call share revenue

  • Offer their clients Domain hosting hosting facilities. Wholesale domain packages include Domain name registration or transfer, e-mail forwarding (including SMTP feed), Virtual Server, 50Mb web space and dialup access.

  • Offer customised News, Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server Names. Thus, in this image conscious industry Abel VISPs appear as fully fledged ISPs.

  • Change the look & feel of their VISP Portal, Sign up, Services and Support links using the VISP "Manager" tool. VISPs can also up load their own logo to their VISP Portal, Sign up, Services and Support links.

  • Redesign and further customise their VISP Portal, Sign up, Services and Support links for a nominal fee

  • Offer server Co-Location services to their corporate clients.

  • If they wish, VISPs can offer their end users a choice of over 1,000 Domain endings in addition to their own Domain.