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Abel supplies the complete technical infrastructure necessary for you to be live and signing up users within a short period of time after receipt of your application. The key elements of the package are:

WWW Address - www.your-choice-of-domain
The registration or transfer of your preferred domain name is included. You remain in full control of the design and administration of the www address. VISPs are provided with full statistical logs, CGI bin and FTP access.

Web Portal - home.your-choice-of-domain
Your customisable web portal provides dial-up customers with up-to-the-minute news headlines, notices, service updates and integrated access to search services including Altavista, Excite, Google, Lycos, Yahoo! and The Open Directory.

Client Account Sign-Up - signup.your-choice-of-domain
Your clients create their accounts using a sign-up service reflecting the design of your web portal. Your clients, by signing up to your VISP service, agree to conform to and abide by the Terms & Conditions shown in this link. VISPs can, if they wish, provide their own Terms and Conditions.

Client Account Services - your-choice-of-domain/services
Here your clients will find all the value added services available to them. VISPs can choose to offer their clients all or some of these services.

Client Account Support - your-choice-of-domain/support
Here your clients will find on line support. Additionally, VISPs can offer telephone support on Abel's non-branded premium number. VISPs can, if they wish, provide their own technical help line.

VISP Manager - manager.your-choice-of-domain
This tool allows VISPs to change the look and feel of their VISP links, upload their logo, configure font and colour settings as well as submitting notices and service updates.

Incoming Mail Server - Customised incoming mail server addresses in the form of pop.your-choice-of-domain.co.uk

Outgoing Mail Server - Customised outgoing mail server addresses in the form of smtp.your-choice-of-domain.co.uk

News Server - Customised news server addresses in the form of news.your-choice-of-domain.co.uk